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Below are some feedback we've received from people accross BC. If you'd like to submit a testimonial about how Bike to Work Week or GoByBike Weeks has affected you, please send it to Terri-Lynn Gifford, Provincial Program Manager,

As a health practitioner, it is great to see an increase in the number of people taking part in Bike to Work Week. Making exercise part of our everyday routines is one of the best ways to ensure life-long wellness.”

Amy Klepetar, Nursing Instructor, UNBC, Terrace

“I took the car to work one day and realized the other benefits; no parking costs and by the time I found parking and walked from the lot I had only saved 1 minute of my commute time. I’ll take the extra minute commute if it means my heart is healthier and I can tack on a couple more quality minutes to my life. My hair might sport the helmet-head look but at least my backside sports the sporty look!”

Monique Goffinet Miller, BTWW Participant, Victoria

Bike to Work Week is really a kick off for me to get my legs back in shape. I really look forward to it.”

Tony Morino, Civilian employee at CFB, Comox Valley

“Bike to work week is a great way to get out and motivate yourself to bike to work as alternative transportation. You never realize the many benefits of biking to work until you try it. It relieves stress, gives you extra energy and its great exercise. I’m very happy to see that Merritt has joined the program and hope that it will become a great success and open up the City to bike commuting.  Looking forward to next year already, and plan to ride more often between then and now. Great job to everyone who helped get this event going.”


Ben Currie, Director of Finance, City of Merritt

“I started biking to work in 2008 just before Bike to Work Week, and continue to participate in BTWW each year. I don’t keep it up much later than early fall, but intend to keep riding all year this year. My 15km return route has some large hills that I find challenging [top of King Richard Drive to downtown], but overcoming them has made me stronger both physically and mentally. BTWW allowed me the time to train for my triathlon goals without spending hours and hours riding after work; I was able to get 50 minutes of solid riding in each day. The best things about riding to work are knowing the exact time it will take to get to work (22-24 minutes), having free parking (and the best parking space), increasing my fitness level (and I lost 2 pounds last week!), and my favorite, is zooming past all the cars stuck in traffic, on Northfield behind a truck turning left for example.”


Karina Sheardown, CUPE Secretary, Nanaimo Area Office, Nanaimo

“This is a great event that fits our town perfectly! For me, cycling is the perfect way to stay fit, protect our air and climate and feel great at work. Thanks for introducing Bike to Work to Pemberton this year, and for doing an excellent job in organizing it!”

Kiran Pal-Pross, Village of Pemberton, Pemberton

I have a hard time losing the weight and when I walk my legs and ankles cause me so much pain, I just end up quitting and continue to gain weight. I started biking back in February and by the time May rolled around I had lost between 50 and 60 pounds. AND I did not change my eating habits… well kind of (I drank a heck of a lot more water). My stress level had gone down so much. My energy level was up and I felt GOOD!”

Dawn C., Shaw Cable, Nanaimo

“Here’s a pictures of me and my two daughters, Chloe age 7 and Olivia age 4 who both participated in the bike to work week with me.  We all rode together to Olivia’s daycare, then down to Chloe’s school, then I would head off to work. They loved it!”

Michelle Watson, District of Squamish, Squamish

“For those of us who bike year round to work, Bike to Work Week is a mixed blessing.  While it’s great seeing new people cycle to work for the first time (or for one week per year), the week sure puts pressure on our bike lockups at work.  All kidding aside, it’s great having the awareness of biking to work raised during this time of year.  I’ve been riding to work since 1991. Keep up the great work!

Oh, and apparently it’s against the law for middle aged men to wear spandex. The photo below shows my run-in with the law!”


- Joe Barry, Cowichan Valley Regional District, Duncan


Sylvi Baillie and Krista Clement, Kelowna


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