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Go By Bike Week 2018 Prep Event

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Join us Saturday, May 19th for our inaugural Go BY Bike Week Prep Event! This event is open to everyone and no cycling experience is required...heck for one of the events, you don't even need a bike ;)

We have three great events happening Saturday, May 19th at 8:30 at Memorial Park in Summerland.

At 8:30am we will have Geoff Prowse from The Bike Barn with a fleet of ebikes (electric bikes) that you can try out for free! Ebikes are revolutionizing cycling as they provide just enough of an assist to help people get back on their bikes...or tackle the many hills of Summerland. :) Henry Sielmann from the Trails of the Okanagan will be hsoting the EBike demonstration and will be there with his own Ebike.

At 10:00am we will have Louise Blais, the head coach of She Rides Penticton, here to refresh your cycling skills and prepare you to feel safe riding on the road. She will lead participants through a few stations that will teach braking, gearing and cadence. She will also refresh the traffic signals cyclists should know so that they can safely communicate with drivers.

And lastly, at 11:00am, we will have Phillip Watson from UpCycle here in Summerland to teach you how to get and keep your bike ready to ride with some simple maintenance tips. This demonstration will take place at the new Cycling Hub recently unveiled in Memorial Park.

Join us for the whole morning or part of the morning! Everyone is welcome.

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