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"Who, me, ride a bicycle to work?"

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

We spend our whole lives learning how to get to work on time. From the earliest age we experience the routines of getting up at the right hour, choosing the right clothes, observing morning readiness rituals, and rehearsing greetings for coming and going.  What we don't realize is that most of these activities are governed by the vehicle outside our home.

When we drive or get a ride we're pretty certain when we'll arrive at our destination. We also understand that in the short time it takes to move from vehicle to workplace the weather should have only a minimal impact on what we've chosen to wear.

But when we cycle to work some of the constants change. We want to check the weather the evening before. We get up and leave for work a little earlier. We reorganize how the kids will be dropped off or picked up. We dress a bit differently and don layers of weather appropriate clothing. We where a helmet. Afterall rural life often means access to fewer cycling amenities.

While some people feel that these changes interfere with the how they look at work it's important to remember that on sunny days it's ok to pedal at a leisurely pace so that you don't perspire so much. On rainy days gortex trousers can be slipped off and helmet hair can always be combed out. With just a little practice we can bike to work feeling Cycle Chic. One day perhaps we'll look as great as the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte, when he cycles to work!

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