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BTTW Event Overview - Here We Go!!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

    As I sit here writing this article, I can feel the heat of the early morning sun on my face as it shines down and stretches out along my wall. Finally, spring has sprung and after a long, cold winter, summer quickly approaches. Beautiful though it is, there is no denying the increasing clarity of the impacts global warming is having on our world. Carbon emissions from vehicles are a huge part of this problem; the production of the vehicles, the transport and use of pollutive fuels...etc. Cars are responsible for approximately 333 million tons of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere ANNUALLY. Air pollution is also presents a great danger to our health as the air we breathe becomes contaminated and impure. Imagine how simple it could be if everyone in the world committed to supporting other, more efficient ways of transport - this could even mean walking whenever possible or choosing to ride your bike 3 days of the week. Cycling in particular is a way of transportation that benefits not only the environment, but the overall health of the rider as well. The only potential for negative effects, are the lack of bike paths for people who may choose to support cycling, as crowded roads with fast cars pose a great danger for cyclists.

    Bike to Work Week is an event that not only supports and encourages the use of bikes as an alternate (and preferred) way of transportation, but whose goal is to implement the construction of safe paths for cyclists to use in order to make cycling a safe, sustainable and realistic way of travelling.

    Starting Tuesday, May 30th, Salt Spring Island will be hosting their own Bike To Work Week - celebrations will be held at various locations throughout the week;


    Tuesday May 30th :     Islands Trust, at 8 am - 9:30 am

    Thursday June 1st :     Driftwood, at 8 am - 9 am


    The week will wrap up with the final event on Saturday, June 3rd between the Saturday Market and the Ganges Firehall from 10 am to 2 pm. There you will find information booths hosted by organizations such as the Salish Sea Trail, Ganges Pedestrianization and local bike shops. Snacks will also be provided! Please come down and show your support for the cycling community and let yourself be inspired to integrate it into your own daily life.


    You can also register on the Bike To Work Week website to keep track of your cycling/walking kilometers. Enter them under your name to help add up our island’s grand total. You may also choose to get a team together and make it a group activity. Last year the island had local organizations such as Barbs Buns, GISS and Artspring make up teams and contribute their kilometers to the event. Participating in this event also means being eligible to win the grand prize, a bike trip for two alogn Croatia's Dalmatian Coast (flights and accomodation paid for), sponsored by Exodus Travels. Even an event as small as this makes a difference in the well-being of our planet - imagine what a cycling friendly community could do! Check out the other articles published on our site to find out what local businesses are doing to support this event...hope to see you all there!


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