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2018 Getting Ready to Celebrate Bikers

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

As a new coordinator for Salt Spring & Gulf Islands Bike-to-Work Week, I'm looking forward to meeting and working with many of you to facilitate fine snacks, bike-related perks & fun events around the Islands and at school over the final week of this month. Since 2012, Gulf Islanders have been celebrating this week of riding bicycles instead of driving. Many thanks go to Bob McKie and Jan Slakov and others for making this happen for six years running! 

The photo attached is one of Brian and my wedding pics on our old Schwinn tandem in Portland, Oregon, the bike-lover's city where I spent many years bicycle commuting and participating in Bike-to-Work week. I loved stopping at the mobile breakfast stands they'd have set up around town during Bike-to-Work, and I'd love to replicate that with a free mini-doughnuts and coffee stand in Ganges one morning.

This year's Bike-to-Work on Salt Spring is extra-special for me because I'll turn 40 on June 3rd! Also, I now have children who bike to school (ages 3 and 7) and am excited to share this event with more children. And lastly, because we're still new to the Island, this is a chance to get to connect and create some community magic.  

SO, now that it's May, it's time to make this event happen, and we could use your help! So far, we have some plans with Outspokin Bikes to set up a bike-repair station with snacks in front of their store, and a plan for bicycle safety at Salt Spring Elementary with Jenny Redpath, along with a helmet decoration station. I've been handed a banner and we'll need to get articles and flyers out soon. Please let me know if you have more ideas and ways to celebrate bicycle transportation this year!

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