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How it Works

Registering and logging in:

1. Register for Bike to Work & School Week here. You can either register as a Team Leader (creating a team) or a Rider (joining a team or riding solo).   

2. Once you have registered you can Login and create maps of the routes you plan to take.   

3. Encourage your colleagues to join your team and help you win more prizes!

4. Log your trips each day during Bike to Work &School Week! You'll be entered to fabulous prizes and you'll help your team rack up the kilometres. You can either log your trip by mapping it or by simply entering your total kilometres cycled. 

5. Check the celebration station locations and make sure to stop by for free food, drinks, resources, bike safety checks, and more prizes!

6. Continue logging in your bike commuting kilometres on the Bike to Work Week website and be eligible for more prizes in September!

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