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Prince George

Welcome to your Bike to Work & School Week!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Hey Bike to School-er! Hi Bike to Work-er! 

Welcome to your Bike to Work Week and Bike to School Week in Prince George!

As a community, we already have more cyclists than any year previous. This means that all your friends, co-workers, classmates have been listening when you talk up the event...and they've joined you. This year is also special year because not only is it our biggest event yet, but because we're gathering all kinds of cycling and cyclist data. We've teamed up with EDI to collect your (anonymous) data and route info at our Celebration Stations and online (survey link at www.bikeworkpg.ca/prince-george). We will be using this along with your biking success stories and testimonials to make sure that cycling infrastructure installations and repairs are going to the right places in our city. So not only have you motivated more cyclists to ride our streets but the information that we're collecting will be used to make your cycling commute easier, faster, and safer! Way to go!! 

Want this year's event shirt? Get yours at our Celebration Stations, but get them soon because they're going fast!! The adults shirts and tanks are $10 each while kids shirts are available for free (or donation of $5). All funds from t-shirt sales are going towards our prizes for you! 

Wondering when the events are? take a look at the Events tab above for the complete list.  

Don't forget to log your kilometres and check out www.pgcyclingclub.ca 

Connect with us on twitter and instagram...and post/tag or email your Helmet Selfie to be entered to win our Safety Prize Pack!! 

Happy Cycling PG!! 


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