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Prince George


What is Bike to School Week?

Just like Bike to Work Week, our Bike to School initiative encourages ridership for school aged students. This week long event extends to schools and in turn, many of the events planned throughout the week are accessible or designed for BTSW participants.

Why Bike to School?

Riding to school builds physical activity into kids' daily routine, supports in-class concentration, and provides a foundation for healthy lifestyles and a lifelong love of cycling. More students cycling to school reduces traffic congestion and makes your school a safer place. Plus, it's fun and also helps the environment!


Bike to School Week registration has a slightly different process than the Bike to Work Week participants. All kms will be logged at the end of the week by the team leader. In most cases, the team leader will be a teacher (representing a class) or an administrator (representing a school). The team leader will collect the kms from participants throughout the week and will publish them on the website. No names or personal information will be collected from the students in accordance to underage privacy guidelines.

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