Bike to Work Week

Prince George

2017 Bike to Work & School Week is May 29 - June 4!


Single rider: James McLellan (252 kms)

Categories by workplace size:

1-10: Jame's Team at 252 kms (James McLellan again!)

11-25: MoE Clean Airheads at 844.96 kms

26-100: Low Polluter Commuters at 621.77 kms

101-250: PGI Peloton Maintien at 1358.25kms

251-500: N/A

501-1000+: UNBC Uni Cycles at 2281.17

Congratulations winners!

You are a big part of improving cycling for all citizens of PG!! Lets all do our best to make cycling in PG safe and fun for everyone!

May 8, 2017

Celebration Stations and Events

List of Bike to Work Week Events: 

Monday, May 29th: City Hall, Kick-Off Breakfast (1100 Patricia Blvd.) 6:45-9:00am

Tuesday, May 30th: Handsome Cabin Boy & Ave Maria (1616/1638 20 Ave) 6:45-9:15am

                                  Ruckus Ski Board & Bikes (1455 Johnson St.) 3:45pm-6pm

Wednesday, May 31st: Koops Bikes (1659 Nicholson St.) 6:45-9:15am

April 12, 2017

The Prince George Cycling Club has been hosting Bike to Work Week for Prince George since 2010!! The Prince George Cycling Club continues to have successful events because of all the community support that we receive from our board members, volunteers, and of course local businesses and organizations that partner with us to bring this great event to Prince George! 

May 25, 2015

Hey Bike to School-er! Hi Bike to Work-er! 

Welcome to your Bike to Work Week and Bike to School Week in Prince George!

Community Sponsors

Recycling and Environmental Action Planning Society (REAPS)
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159 Teams
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51 / 49 % Female/Male
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