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For Commuters

Bike to Work Tips

  1. Plan your route ahead of time. Login and use our Google Maps feature to create a route before you start your commute.
  2. Before you bike to work, plan where you will store your bike during work hours. Will you need a bike lock?
  3. Wear a helmet.
  4. Wear visible clothing. If it’s darker wear reflective clothing and/or reflective stripes and use flashing lights.
  5. Never wear head phones!
  6. Check your tires (tire pressure is written on the tires) and your brakes before you leave.
  7. Bring a water bottle and a change of clothes in your back pack. If your ride is going to be strenuous, you may want to also bring along a bar of soap, face cloth, deodorant and a comb.
  8. If you live too far from work, consider the Park ‘n’ Ride option, or take the bus part way and cycle the rest.

Beginners Overview Video to biking

Bike Tips: Bike to Work When It's Wet Tips

Here are some simple tips when riding in the rain (courtesy of Vancouver B2WW)
  • Fenders – get your local bike store to install them. Simple and affordable.
  • Stay warm and dry. Try waterproof pants, jacket and gloves (or a dollar store poncho/rain cape), a head cozy and/or hood under your helmet, ear warmers, waterproof shoe covers (plastic bags will do in a pinch).
  • Layer – avoid cotton next to your skin, try quick drying, insulating fabrics like polypropolene, silk or wool.
  • Find a place to hang your wet clothes at work so they will be dry when you go home.
  • Be visible – reflectors, vests and lights, lights, lights! LED lights are bright and last a long time. Small turtle or blinkie lights are cheap and easy to clip on/off.
  • Use waterproof panniers (or line your regular ones with plastic bags).
  • Stainless steel coffee thermos – for a warm drink on a longer ride!

Bike Tips: Sharing the Road with Transit Buses

Here are 6 tips to keep in mind when sharing the road with Buses:
  • Don’t pass on the right while a bus is stopped. Stay behind the bus or where drivers can see you. Buses may pull over at a bus stop without warning.
  • Maintain a straight line while riding. Avoid erratic movements and maintain your manoeuvrability, predictability and visibility (MVP).
  • Prepare for buses that must cross in and out of bike lanes.
  • Share the road. Give buses plenty of room. Stay behind or in front, not alongside a bus.
  • Make eye contact. Ride in the bus driver’s sight line, so that you can see each other in the driver’s side-view mirror.
  • Don’t play leapfrog. Wait a few moments behind a bus or cycle quickly ahead.

Bike Tips: Trail Etiquette

Multi-use paths (bike paths, recreational trails, paved pathways, asphalt trails) are intended to be SHARED for use and enjoyment by a diverse group of non-motorized users including cyclists, inline skaters, pedestrians and others. These basic guidelines will help to ensure yours and other user’s safety.
  • Travel at a pace safe for conditions
  • Slow down in congested and populated areas
  • Control your speed and yield to pedestrians and horse riders
  • Stay right except to pass This is especially important on corners
  • Pass only when it is safe to do so Pass with care
  • Signal you are passing with a polite warning bell, whistle or by stating “passing”
  • Share the path; don’t impede other users
  • When stopping pull off to the side of the path
  • Use caution when crossing intersections, yield to traffic
  • It’s best not to ride with headphones, if you do make sure they are kept low so you can hear approaching traffic
  • If you are using the trail at dark, please have your lights so you can see and be seen
  • BC Helmet Laws apply on trails

Bike Tips: Working with New Cyclists

We want to encourage as many new cyclists to participate in BTWW as possible, so it needs to be simple and fun. Here are some typical barriers, and how you can respond: 
Barrier (Excuse) Response
  • I don’t have a bike A number of bike shops offer rentals
  • I’m nervous about riding on my own Help set up a co-worker to ride in with them
  • I don’t know which route to use Show them routes on Nanaimo's cycling map [7.5 MiB] to avoid high traffic areas
  • I live too far Take the bus part way or one-way
  • We don’t have showers at work Ride slower on the way in and faster on the way home. Is there a gym nearby with showers you can use?
  • My clothes will get creased Leave some clothes at work
  • I have to drop my kids off at school/ daycare Drive to school with kids; park your car at the school or daycare, then ride to work. Or, alternate days with your partner if applicable
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