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What is a Team Leader?
  • A Team Leader is someone in the workplace that motivates co-workers to participate in Bike to Work Week. As the Team Leader, you can add people to your team in the registration system, or people can register and join your team.
  • Team Leaders can hang Bike to Work Week posters in their workplace (e.g. in the lunch room, elevators, etc.) to help raise awareness about Bike to Work Week.
  • Team Leaders can monitor teammates participation through their Bike to Work Week Dashboard and encourage teammates to log their kilometres, or alternatively Team Leaders can log teammates' kilometres for teammates.
  • Team Leaders can also organize friendly competitions within their team: who can cycle the most kilometres during BTWW, who can cycle the most trips during BTWW, who can cycle to work the most days during BTWW?
  • As a Team Leader, you help make a positive difference in people's lives. As you watch your teammates make healthier lifestyle choices and choose to cycle instead of drive, you will feel proud of your leadership.
Team Leader Responsibilities:
  1. Team Leaders are to ensure that each participant’s total km’s cycled (to and from work) is individually recorded each day on the Team Participants Form or online through the website (the team leader can record individual Km or a total for the whole team that day)
    • That form is located under Event Info --> Resources, (your choice of a PDF file for printing or an Excel file that can be saved to a computer file where each Team Participant can enter each day their Km’s cycled).
    • Important that the Team Leader reminds Team Participants to fill in their Km’s cycled to and from work each day on the staff Team Participants Form or online at BTWW through the individual's log in (note Team Leaders can go into the website and record the individual Km for them as well, or record a total for the office). 
    • Team Leaders can also remind participants where the  location is for the next morning Celebration Station.
    • Team Participants do not have to cycle to and from work each day to participate, and some may cycle just one way.
  2. Each day - Team Leaders enter the Teams Total Km’s cycled  on the Bike to Work Week website  (May 29 - June 4th)
  3. Only those Teams that have entered their results are eligible for prizes
  4.  If your business operates on Sat June 4th and on Sun June 5th, please enter those Totals too.

Get your Workplace Involved

Bike to Work Week is a great way to encourage co-workers to try cycling to work at least one day during the week of the event. People who bike to work quote benefits of being less stressed, more relaxed and rejuvenated, and experience increased sense of well-being. 
Employers benefit from their employees biking to work too! People who bike to work have a lower absenteeism, take less sick days, are more productive, and are happier, healthier employees.
Steps to Getting Coworkers Involved:
  • Register (click the orange Registration button up top)
  • Sign up as a Team Leader (you can assign this role to someone else in your organization if you want to later)
  • Create a Team
  • Tell your employer about the event and about the team you created
  • Ask your employer to help encourage employees to join the team
  • If you work in a large organization, you will want to consider asking people to create departmental teams, multiple smaller teams. This will enable you to have friendly competitions within your organization
  • Contact the coordinator in your community and get posters to hang in your workplace
  • Talk to your employer about creating safe bike storage
  • Talk to your employer about organizing prizes for workplace competitions
  • Hold an information session at lunch to RALLY your team
  • Click on the link to read about ways in which you can motivate co-workers to participate
How to Motivate Teammates:
  1. Login to your BTWW Dashboard
  2. Click "Communication" and e-mail possible teammates to see if they want to join your team
  3. Contact the Coordinator in your community and get posters to hang in your workplace
  4. Talk to your employer about creating safe bike storage at your workplace
  5. Talk to your employer about organizing prizes for workplace competitions
  6. Hold an information session at lunch to RALLY your team (or try to sign people up to join your team)
  7. Hold a route planning session to teach first time commuter cyclists how to safely plan their routes
  8. Encourage teammates to familiarize themselves with safe cycling skills
  9. Encourage teammates to log their kilometres cycled in their BTWW Dashboard to see how many calories they burned and how many kilograms of greenhouse gases they have saved
  10. Celebrate your teams successes with a party or special breakfast or lunch

Team Leader Information and Instruction Package


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