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How to Register

Register for Bike to Work and School Week NOW!

Click HERE to REGISTER and follow the instructions.

Riders can register as:

  1. A solo rider (solo riders have the option of joining a team later if they want)
  2. Part of a team
  3. Team Leader

We encourage participants to register as part of a workplace team, even if you are in an office of 2 people. Encourage your other workmates to take part as well as it's more fun with more people.

Register as a Team Leader for your office. Team leaders are critical to the success of Bike to Work Week. They encourage participation, record the number of employees that bike to and/or from work and the total number of KM cycled each day by their team. The Team Leader enters the Team results each day on the BTWW website through their Dashboard. It's easy to be a Team Leader and the BTWW Coordinator will help you every step of the way.
 Returning Team Leaders or Riders:
  1. Log into last years account from HERE click the  in the top right corner menu. (if you forgot your password you can request another one)
New Team Leaders & Solo Riders:
  1. Let’s get started, click Register Now
  2. Fill out the information and select at Password
  3. Choose to Register as Team Leader or as a Solo Rider
    • Note: If you are the first person registering in your organization, please register as a Team Leader. You can assign the role of Team Leader to someone else later on.
    • If you choose I am a Rider, you can join an existing team or register as a Solo Rider
  4. Create a team – follow the prompts and fill in the fields to add your organizations Name, Type, Size, Address etc,  include Rider information and then invite Riders to Join your Team
  5. Sign up as an Individual (Solo rider) and complete information
  6. If you sign up as an Solo Rider you can decide to find a team and join a team at a later date
Recording Results is VERY VERY important: it helps us track progress, get funding and
qualifies participants for prizes!
Good luck, have fun and please give us any feedback as we would like to continuously improve the system.

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