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Employers Making a Difference

Friday, May 18, 2018
Sports Clinic Physiotherapy are Proactive

Mike Yates is at it again this year, inspiring businesses to make biking easy for their staff. He is partnering with the City to build a protected bike lock up at the Community Centre for all staff, which will be a more permanent solution than the Steel Box he rented last year. 

This is a private-public partnership supported by his clinic group and City of Penticton. It is part of a master plan to improve security on the whole SOEC campus, which includes SOEC, Convention Centre, Comm Centre, Memorial Arena, Curling Rink, Casino and parking lots. This is a step forward for the city on their path to making Penticton a bike friendly place to live.

If you know of other businesses who are making it easier for staff to ride to work or school or have a great biking story please send it to penticton@biketowork.ca so we can showcase all the great things people are doing in our community.


See the article Castanet.

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