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Day Two: Welcome Sunshine!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

What a nice surprise, its sunny! The blue skies and sun are rarity for Bike to Work Week so I hope you enjoyed it on your morning ride to work.  For anyone who logged kilometers yesterday in the pouring rain, you are a champ!

Pemberton's participation is low this year compared to last, which is strange because its seems like a lot of Pembertonians practically live on their bikes! There is still time to sign up for Bike to Work Week throughout the week, so please encourage your friends, family, neighbours and any other random people who you encounter to sign up today! Higher participation means more funding for next year which translates into better biking infrastructure making your commute more comfortable and safe.  

Join us on Wednesay May 28th 6-8pm, for a talk on "Air Quality, Cancer and You.  Everything You Need to Know to Protect and Heal Yourself" with Nicolette Richer at the Whistler Public Library. Event details are here.

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