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Clean Air Day and Prize Presentations

Monday, June 2, 2014

Thank you for your participation in Bike to Work Week.  We were so lucky with the beautiful weather – very uncommon for this week of the year.  Today is your last chance to log your kilometers and participation for the community specific prizes.  You have until June 8th to log your kilometers and participation for the trip to Cuba. 

Prizes will be announced tomorrow and will be available to pick up on June 4th – Clean Air Day.

Clean Air Day/Bike to Work Week Wrap Up Event Details

When: June 4th.  Free Yoga: theme is Breathing: 8-9am.  Prize Presentations: 9-9:30

Where: Pemberton Community Center

What: A celebration of Clean Air Day and the Bike to Work Week Wrap Up.  A chance to stretch out those sore muscles from riding everyday, while breathing in the fresh air from vehicle emissions saved.  

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