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GoByBike to School October 21 - November 3, 2019!

Try biking to school this fall during GoByBike Weeks, October 21 - November 3, 2019. Many people think that it is not safe, nor enjoyable, to GoByBike in the fall and winter months; however, we want to share tips, tricks and gear ideas with you that will help make it more fun go GoByBike all year-round. Click here to download a school guide and learn more.

GoByBike Weeks is a fun, free event! Registered schools and registered riders can win awesome prizes. This is a free and fun celebration of using a bicycle for transportation rather than a motor vehicle.  This event is a chance for Schools throughout British Columbia to encourage and celebrate students and their families cycling to school.

Register FREE, here's how:

  • Elementary Schools - 1 Team Leader registers the Team and reports Team Resultls
    • Keep track using a participation tracker: CLICK HERE
  • Middle Schools & High Schools - A Team Leader registers a Team and anyone can join the Team; or the Team Leader can add people to their Team

How to Register a Team?

  • If you registered in the past, all you have to do is Login and you are registered for this event.
  • If you've never registered before, click on https://www.biketowork.ca/registration and take a few minutes to sign-up FREE!

Need help? Contact terri-lynn@biketowork.ca.

Why participate?

Riding to school builds physical activity into kids' daily routine, supports in-class concentration, and provides a foundation for healthy lifestyles and a lifelong love of cycling. More students cycling to school reduces traffic congestion and makes your school a safer place. Plus, it's fun and also helps the environment!

Be a champion!

Regardless of how you choose to participate, every school or team needs a local champion (or Team Leader)! A champion (or Team Leader) can be a teacher, other staff members, parent or student! Download the participation tracker to help keep track of your team.

Bike Reels Student Video Contest:

You must submit your video through this form: https://forms.gle/v7L4kFG6Tq8bcFoz9

More details about how you can get involved:

  • Parents/PAC
    • Start a school team OR
    • Start a classroom team
    • Log your student team's kilometres cycled to enter them into prize draws and track how much greenhouse gases your team saves
  • Elementary/Middle School Teachers
    • Start a classroom team and encourage students to participate
    • Log your students' kilometres cycled to enter them into prize draws and track how much greenhouse gases your class saves
    • Compete with other classes in your school
  • Elementary/Middle School Principals or Champion Teachers
    • Start a school team
    • Log your student team's kilometres cycled to enter them into prize draws and track how much greenhouse gases your team saves
  • Secondary Schools - Register under the "GoByBike Weeks for Teens and Adults" event to enable students to join a team
    • High School Students can start teams in this registration system
      • Encourage your friends to join your team and track their kilometres cycled for chances to win great prizes
    • Student groups can start teams and encourage other students to join their teams
    • Teachers can start teams and encourage students to join their teams
    • Individuals can participate on their own
    • Hang posters (click to download)
    • Encourage other students and staff to get active and have fun by taking part and biking
    • Encourage friendly school-wide competitions


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