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Site Tips

Using the Dashboard

Click the “Login” Button at the top of the website to access the Dashboard. From here you can log a trip, manage your routes,edit your profile, change your team or invite other riders to join you (or your team). You can also see how other teams in your area--and other communities--are doing.

Log a Trip

To log a trip you can add your kilometers and click Log Now


Manage My Routes

You might have a route you use a lot! You can build and save that route so you can quickly log that distance. Click Manage My Routes>Create Route.







Use the map to plot your trip.

Name your route and save it. It will be there for you to use when you need it.


Join a Team

Want to join a team? No problem! You can search by team name, company, team leader, or postal code. Choose the team you’d like to join, and click Select Team


Invite Teammates

Want to invite friends, colleagues, neighbours, classmates…to join in? Send them an email! You can use the generic invitation or write your own in the Email Body.

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