Tips to Prevent Bike Theft or to Help You if Theft Happens

April 18, 2016
  1. Use locks that are theft proof. Do research and purchase a lock that comes with insurance, such as the Abus locks.
  2. If possible, store your bike in a safe location, preferably in a locked area.
  3. If you are leaving your bike unattended on the back of a vehicle, lock the bike to your vehicle.
  4. Never lock your bike by the front wheel only. Always lock your bike with two quality locks — preferably a U-lock and a cable lock.
  5. To be safe, take the extra step of removing the seat or a wheel.
  6. Ensure you have a photo of the bike and record the serial number so that if the bike is stolen, it can be identified if located.
  7. Insure your bikes. Your house insurance or renters insurance will cover your bikes up to a certain value if theft happens outside your home. Talk to your insurance provider.

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