Congratulations to our 2016 Provincial Grand Prize Winner of the Exodus Travels Adventure Cycling Trip

October 5, 2016

Joel Carter, Information Systems Infrastructure Team Member, Kal Tire, Vernon, BC

Joel Carter started participating in Bike to Work Week 10 years ago when he worked at BCIT in Burnaby. When he moved to Vernon, he found it enjoyable to bike to work during most months of the year—although he admits the Okanagan snow makes it a little difficult to bike commute in the peak winter months.

Carter and his family aim to operate one vehicle in their household and biking to work enables his family to achieve this environmentally and economically-friendly goal. “I also find it difficult to find time to exercise with a busy schedule and by biking to work it serves two purposes: it enables me to get some exercise; and it is great form of transportation to and from work.”

He adds, “…and when I arrive at work, I feel awake and alert. I may even be more productive at the start of the work-day than co-workers who are still waking up and recovering from their vehicle commutes.”

Click here to read more about Joel and the Exodus Prize.

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