2014 BTWBC Grand Prize Winner's Experience on Their Trip

April 28, 2015

Cam Zaremba of Prince George, was the winner of last year’s Bike to Work BC Grand Prize of a Cycling Trip for 2 in Cuba sponsored by Exodus Travels.

Cam and his wife, Joan, took the trip March 19-26, 2015 and also added some extra time to relax on the beaches in Cuba: “I want to thank both Bike to Work Week and Exodus Travel for the biking prize trip to Cuba. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience, both from a guided tour (first time) and biking in a foreign country (first time) perspective. The information and service provided by Exodus prior to and during the trip was excellent. We felt well-prepared before arriving in Cuba and the time spent on the bike was fun and informative, and gave us a good head start to the biking season here in Northern BC!  We took the opportunity to add on an additional week within the country at the end of the bike tour and the customizing of our travel plans went as smoothly as the bike tour portion.”    

“Overall the trip exceeded our expectations and we would definitely recommend Exodus Travel to anybody who might be considering an adventure vacation. We are already discussing another bike trip at some point in the future.  We feel very fortunate to have been given the opportunity by Bike to Work BC Society.” 

More information about the trip:

“Cuba is a fascinating country.  The opportunity to see a portion of it from the seat of a bike, along with a guided tour group, is an experience that is truly unique.  Beach holidays are fun and have their place, however, the adventure is more memorable when you are with a group of like-minded individuals who are sharing the road with you. The tour was an interesting combination of biking and bus transfers between a number of cities, towns, and landscapes. Many buses filled with tourists passed us as we took a more sedate journey on two wheels, although we were by no means the only group who had chosen this way to see Cuba.  We met several other tour groups as well as individuals touring the countryside in this manner. There was plenty of roadway for everybody.”

“I was impressed by the warm reception we received from random people in the countryside. Most of the places we rode [between towns] were rural agricultural areas and the majority of people were friendly and non-intrusive. They were curious but not overly so - seeing tourists on bicycles was obviously not too unusual. Typically, there was a respectful and sincere "hola" if we waved and said good morning, etc. in Spanish (even a limited vocabulary goes a long way!).   Many times we were not the first to wave and shout out a greeting.  You don't get to see and hear that reaction if you are looking through a pane of glass on the bus for your entire tour.” 

“Also, you get to plenty of opportunities to get to know your tour-mates as you pedal your way up a hill side-by-side with a steady, hot ocean breeze in your faces.  The top of the hill and the water-break are very much appreciated as a shared experience”

Advice for this year’s winner of the Bike to Work BC Grand Prize Trip: Cycling Trip for 2 from Prague to Budapest:

“I'm sure the next Grand Prize Winner will be impressed and pleased with their experience to come.  My advice for next year’s winner would be to explore the Exodus website and read the forums and reviews (which are un-edited by Exodus) to get familiar with the trip in advance. We did not bring our own bike saddles, thinking it would be too much hassle to put these on ourselves but there was a bike mechanic who rode with us and did all the bike maintenance. I would definitely recommend bringing your own saddle if you use a custom or fitted saddle at home. I don't know if every trip is similar in terms of team support - we had the bus driver, tour guide, and bike mechanic. The guide and mechanic rode on along with us (on bikes) the entire trip and all three of them were embedded in the tour, as they ate their meals with us, stayed at the same hotels, and seemed to enjoy the scenery and landscapes as much as the rest of us.”

“Our bus had one side allocated for seating and the other side for the bike storage during the bus transfers.   The bikes were Trek brand, hybrid touring style with straight-bar handles and front suspensions. The equipment was of good quality and well maintained.   Everything was well organized and we had total confidence in how the trip progressed.   Basically, all we had to do was be on time, follow directions, and peddle the bikes - the rest of the details were taken care of very efficiently by the support team.  It was awesome!”

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